Small Penis Syndrome and the Best Penis Enhancement for you

Having a small penis also means no sex life because it cannot provide pleasure to most women which often leads into low confidence. Before, there are no therapies and medications that can enhance and modify a man’s penis but as the time goes by, technology innovates itself that provides much more care to the people including penis surgery that can increase length and girth which would provide more pleasure to a man’s partner. But before we discuss about the penis surgery, lets determine what is the main cause of having a small penis


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The main cause of small penis syndrome




Having a small penis is not caused by diseases or disorders that can be acquired from external sources such as viruses and bacteria but because of genetics and growth development. Problems from growth development might include but not limited to, lack of testosterone, 5-alpha reductase deficiency, partial androgen infectivity syndrome and similar cases



In conclusion, small penis syndrome it is not preventable but there are some remedies that are the new trend in the 21st century.



Penis surgery and its perks



There are emerging medications in modifying penis size such as using lubricants like titan gel but these kind of treatments takes a very long time to portray visible results and keep in mind that these methods are not FDA approved which might cause risk for your health on the long run.



Penis surgery on the other hand, are safe and effective procedure to enhance a man’s sex life. Penis surgery modifies a penis by inserting silicone gel into a small incision in pubic area that would then increase the length and girth the shaft of the penis. The procedure is painless because the patient will be under influence of general anesthesia and the whole process can be done in just merely 45 minutes.



However, always keep in mind to report back to your doctor to keep track in the progress of the procedure and its temporary side effects such as swelling and mild erection pain.



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