Why You Should Stop Smoking And Avoid Damaging Your Gums?

Aside from damages n respiratory system, cardiovascular system and other parts of the body, but smoking is also creating a lot of damage into the mouth gums and teeth since this is where the hazardous smokes passes through first. This article will discuss the ill effects of smoking to your gums and teeth and will convince you why you should quit smoking instead


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Consequences of smoking to your gums



Smoking is able to damage the gums of a smoker through its chemical component such as ammonia, nicotine, carbon monoxide, arsenic and similar chemicals that damages the gums teeth and the whole mouth because these chemicals will linger to the mouth and bring ill effects.



Long time smokers usually suffer from smoker’s palate which refers to their inability or lessened ability to taste food and drinks because chemicals from cigars has already damaged the tongue and the tongue’s surface.



And in addition, long time smokers has higher risk of loosing teeth because the gums are usually damaged and inflamed that when a smoker brushes their teeth, it bleeds almost instantaneously which might lead into dental erosion.



How to stop gum damage and smoking



In order to avoid gum damage, you must cut off the source of the problem which is smoking. Quitting smoking is very hard because the nicotine induces cravings that leads to addiction and simply stopping smoking or also known as cold turkey is not enough because the cravings induced by the cigars are hard to fight and stave them off.



There are few alternative solutions such as using vapes which contains lesser chemicals but can still cause lung damage because of its vapor. Nicotine patch seems to be a reasonable alternative as well but these patches are usually expensive and harder to find at drug stores which is why you must stop smoking at all.



Therapies and rehabilitations can be done in quitting smoking because psychologists can determine what causes you to smoke, support from friends and family can also help because they can help you avoid your triggers that compels you to smoke and you can visit your dentist for treatments that can help in avoiding your cravings. and speaking of dentist, check out this website provided in this article to learn more about their services and to read more about the suitable treatments for your needs.